Best Time To Go To Japan

1. To avoid the heat:

The hottest months in Japan are July and August. It is not only the heat, but also the high levels of humidity, that makes many visitors to Japan who are used to more temperate climates a bit uncomfortable during these hot summer months. Avoid going to Japan during these two months if you do not relish hot weather.

2. To avoid the rain:

Early June through mid-July mark Japan’s rainy season. If you are not a lover of rain, avoid this time of the year for travel to Japan.

3. To experience outdoor festivals:

Some of the best festivals in Japan take place during the summer. In particular, Tanabata and Obon take place in early July (or in early August in some areas). So, if you want to enjoy some of Japan’s most lively festivals and don’t mind the rain or heat (see above), July or August can be great times to visit.

4. To save money:

If your goal is to save as much money as possible on airfare, the least-expensive times to travel to Japan are September-November and February-March.

5. To view the cherry blossoms:

Cherry blossom viewing is one of the favorite pastimes of Japanese and many foreign tourists alike. They make for extremely beautiful and picturesque scenes. To see them in the height of bloom, visit in March or April (depending upon the area of the country).