Resort Jobs in Japan


You’ll be staying in large dormitories, with rooms for 2-4 Japanese or foreign staff. It’s rare to have a dorm room to yourself. Resorts sometimes place foreign and Japanese staff together in rooms, as it’s a great way to make friends and learn the language. However, due to some unfortunate incidents with foreign staff in the past (messy, noisy, etc.), foreign staff are often placed together.

All dormitories are single-sex, and some have a curfew. Male and female dormitories are strictly separated. Entering dorm rooms of the opposite sex can be grounds for dismissal. However, most dorms have common rooms where everyone can socialize. In cases where no common rooms are available, staff usually hang out in the dining room / nearby bars / restaurants etc.

Dorm accommodation is simple but adequate – a working holiday in Japan isn’t supposed to be luxurious – just fun! Some rooms are western-style, while others are fitted with Tatami (Japanese-style straw mats). All laundry, bathing, and dining facilities are communal. Dorms are equipped with beds, futons, sheets, blankets, ‘Rice Pillows’ (like a bean-bag), washing machines, microwave ovens, toasters, hot pots (to boil water) and telephones (to receive calls only). Ski Resort dorms also have central heating (or room heaters), so there’s no need to bring extra sleeping-bags / blankets with you. Refrigerators are not essential because there are plenty of cool places to store food. On the other hand, Summer Resort dorms are equipped with refrigerators and air-conditioning. In most Resorts, dormitory common rooms (used by all staff to chat and relax) are equipped with a TV, however TV’s in individual rooms is a rarity. Of course, drying rooms for gear are standard. Irons are not available – bring clothes that don’t need ironing.


Breakfast and dinner are served in the dorm or hotel cafeteria, while lunch is eaten at your work post. Usually, you’ll be eating breakfast at 7-7.30am, lunch at 1-2pm, and dinner after work at 6-7pm. In busy periods, you may find yourself eating hastily from a lunch-box at your post – but after the busy period, your lunch-break will be long enough to enjoy your meal.

Meals are simple, healthy Japanese-style dishes – nothing fancy, but nutritious and satisfying. During your working holiday at Resorts, you might grow tired of Japanese food every day, and decide to eat out with your friends, or buy some food from the supermarket/convenience store instead. PLEASE NOTE: Resorts can’t cater to specific dietary needs (vegetarian, diabetic etc). If you’re particular about your diet, you’ll need to buy your own food each day (as staff aren’t permitted to use dorm kitchen facilities to prepare their own food).

Free Time

Doing a working holiday at a Resort in Japan, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and lots of fun activities! Carving fresh tracks in champagne powder, lazing on tropical beaches in the sun, or hiking through pristine wilderness will all become routine activities. On your days off, and before / after work, you’ll be free to do as you please (within resort guidelines). In some Ski resorts, you’ll also have the opportunity to do night-skiing / boarding after work.


As Accommodation and a Season Ski-pass for your Resort are completely FREE, your only expenses will be for food and leisure / daily activities (ie. ski equipment, eating out, toiletries etc).